Friday, 26 January 2018

Sale-A-Bration - A great time to Join my Team!!!

Fantastic Joining Opportunity!!! 
One of the best deals during Sale-a-bration is the Joining Up Starter Kit deal. You can either join to earn some money or just to fund your own crafting hobby, the choice is purely yours.
In addition to the $235 worth of whatever product you pick for your starter kit you only pay $169.00, you also get to choose 2 FREE stamp sets of your choice and to any value (I would get the most expensive ones) which could add up to $411.00 worth of products, Plus FREE postage!!! a huge savings. 

So you may have a few questions about joining up here are a few common ones asked. 
Q.   Do I have to run this as a business?               No
Q.   Do I have to Recruit?                                      No 
Q.   Do I have to do workshops or run classes?    No 
Q.   Are there penalties if its not for me?               No
Your only commitment is to meet the quarterly minimum demonstrator sales of $454 and you get to the end of July 2018 if you join up during Sale-a-bration, and quarterly after that to remain active, Plus you get your 20%-25% automatic discount when you place your orders. 
You don't need any other special qualifications or even to be an expert paper-crafter. There are lots of opportunities to learn as you go and you set your own pace. 
You also get to join our exclusive Art with Heart team which is a valuable source of information all our ladies are so friendly and supportive of one another I have made so many friends, we also get to meet up at On Stage every 6months to learn of new products, we get lots of freebies at these events and get to stamp using new products from the launch of the new catalogue and we get to pre order too. I started my journey as a customer 3 years ago and I loved the products so much I joined up and after my first year as a hobby only demonstrator I decided to go to the next step and make this my business and have not looked back. So come and Join my team for a whole lot of fun!! 
Ready to join - Here are the steps:
If you have already decided, just click the link below, and follow the steps underneath, it's quick and easy!  just make sure you see my name on the top right hand corner.
1. Read through the demonstrator and online agreement and check the box to acknowledge.
2. Choose your two free stamp sets for Sale-a-bration these can be of any value so choose the most expensive of the ones you want so you maximise the benefit.
3. Choose your starter kit and then choose products up to the value of your kit which is $235  (you cant go over, it has to be up to so it's a good idea to make some notes of what you want first and work out the totals. I'm happy to help with ideas). 
4. Fill in your personal details and pay the $169 for your starter kit by credit card.
Once that's been processed (usually straight away) you will get your demonstrator number and I will get a message as well.
If you need help during the sign-up process or in choosing your kit or want to chat before signing up I am just  a phone call away or text 0488 291 960. 

Mon xx

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